The residence

La Feuillaie is an 18th century Mansart-type chatellenie, in the heart of a small village, with a 3 acre park embellished by a small lake, a spring, an orchard and a wood, enclosed by walls and hedges and bordered by the small rivers Les Mauves. The place is a refuge for red squirrels, many species of birds (the site is listed by the Ligue pour la Protection des oiseaux, an equivalent to the RSPB), water fowl, wild ducks and herons who fish for food in the lake.

The house atmosphere

La Feuillaie is a place where conviviality, elegance and a smile, with sober luxury and discretion are the rule. The hosts are keen to help you feel good, enjoy your stay and remember those special moments.

All around the house are displayed works by contemporary artists alongside unusual objects.

In the large living room, besides the fireplace, there is a piano, an antique billiard table, a bookcase full of art books and some 300 books about food and wine, the passion of the master of the house… If you start to talk to him, be careful, he won’t stop !